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29 February  2012 ~

Mobile App Marketing


Whether you’re planning for your first mobile app or have several apps under your belt, there are certain questions that you should contemplate in order to increase your app’s opportunity for success.

Let’s jump in and take a look at them…

16 January  2012 ~


Imagine if there was a way to be in front of a potential client at the moment when they really should be speaking with you and then being able to filter all of the possible requests so that clients who meet the right criteria deliver their detailed information right to you.  Wow, that sounds really innovative!  Essentially that is the promise that mobile apps are offering to business today.  There is a tremendous amount of awareness about mobile apps, but very little insight as to how they can work or benefit business growth.  In this post, we begin to get acclimated to the mobile app world from a business perspective

31 December  2011 ~


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  George Santayana

 We have lived through multiple technology shifts over the past 15 – 20 years. 

In the mid 1990’s, on a macro level, it was crystal clear the web would have a massive impact on the world and consumers.  Yet on a micro level, it took many years for various business verticals to figure out how they were going to utilize the web.  To this day, many niche business verticals still do not understand how to leverage the web.

27 November  2011 ~


This is the biggest online weekend of the year for retailers – Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.  If you have a business, you need to maximize your online relevance and be ready to meet the hoards of customers that are looking to make purchases from your business.   Is your business currently doing this?  Do you know what to do to have customers find you online?  If not, you may want to leverage the following simple path to keep your competitive edge

7 April  2011 ~

By now, we all know the Apple story.  Their success has continued with their most recent gadget, the iPad.  Even with competitors coming out with their own tablets, Apple is still dominating.  The iPad was originally released about a year ago and I was looking for information related its business impact one year later and came across this presentation which I thought was worthwhile sharing.   So what do you think about the iPad – is it a great business tool or merely just a tool with great hype?

15 August  2010 ~

One of the biggest problems that businesses encounter with social media is they simply jump into it without any specific strategy or goals.  The overwhelming majority of businesses that have pursued this path have received only minimal benefits, if any.  Treat social media as you would any business initiative, be it a new financial reporting system or a new marketing program… start with a strategy! In this video post, we review some of things you might consider relevant for your strategy.

27 June  2010 ~

The explosive growth, rapid revenue generation and HUGE business valuations have definitely attracted a lot of attention to some relatively new group buying sites. 

While the concept itself is certainly not new, the buzz around the growth potential is new, and a lot of that can be traced to the use of social media in these business models.  In some ways, these are really the first sites tied into social media that are generating significant direct response revenue.  Heck, Groupon is less than 2 years old and has already raised more money with a higher valuation and will gross more than almost every other social media site except for perhaps Facebook.

On the surface, these sites seem ridiculously simple to start, operate and grow but as we all know, still waters can run deep and there really is a lot to learn about these sites.  The goal of this post is to begin to share a large group of links that dig into some of the many facets of this business model, as well as Groupon, the leading company in this space. 


13 June  2010 ~

CFOStrategistPrior to one of his recent social media presentations, Chris spent time talking one-on-one with some business owners.  The questions they all seemed to have was, “which social media sites should my business consider participating on”?  So what’s the answer, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or something else?

30 April  2010 ~


What does healthcare reform mean for small business?  The healthcare bill is so large and complex… and it won’t impact us until 2014, so why spend time trying to understand it now as we have more pressing needs.  That’s a phrase we’ve heard lately, quite frankly more than once.  This gave us a thought… wouldn’t it be great to understand the reform’s impact on business – “at-a-glance”?   Presented below in this post, is the impact of healthcare reform on small business through the simplified view of an infographic.  When looking at the pictures, some interesting issues jump out.

18 April  2010 ~

Are you registered on LinkedIn?  The common problem for business people is that they’ve registered an account, spent some time tweaking it, accept and send invitations but beyond that, they are not really sure what else there is to do AND how it can benefit them.  

Therefore, I offer my list of 51 things to do with your LinkedIn Account.

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