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30 October  2009 ~

The Social Media Puzzle for Business Leaders I had some interesting discussions this month with people who I believe are looked upon as “business leaders”.  Interestingly, while they all had a certain curiosity about social media, they really didn’t see it impacting them and they were all very quick to dismiss it in its current form.  Based on my speaking to large groups of mid market CEO’s, unfortunately this response seems consistent in the business place today (which can be very detrimental to a business’ relevance).  So in this blog post let’s review the first two ways to help businesses learn to leverage social media.

30 September  2009 ~

Branding on LinkedIn Most of  my blog posts stem from questions I’ve been asked and today’s post is no exception.  Recently, there was a great social media study put together by Chris Burke and Equation Research (will be writting about this in a later post) and one question asked the respondents to name the social media tools they used.  One site was notably absent from the listed responses and that site was LinkedIn. 

31 August  2009 ~

Social Media is Here to Stay and Here’s Why… I have been speaking to large numbers of CEO’s and other senior leadership and one thing stands out – a lack of a clear understanding of what social media represents.   To some it’s simply the new tech tool on the internet, to others, it’s something their kids use, while others are completely befuddled by it.  Unfortunately, with all the hype, the core of social media generally gets overlooked mainly because it is so subtle.  Social Media at its core is just that – “social” plus “media”.  It is a conversation across a variety of new media that have altered the way we communicate.  Put another way, social media is a conversation on steroids.  As business leaders, do we have daily business conversations and do these conversations lead to relationships and can these relationships lead to economic benefit?  The answer is yes, yes, yes and until the day we stop having business conversations, social media will be around, although it will always be in a constantly changing form.

28 June  2009 ~

How are CEO’s using Social Media A recent study by, took a look at the social media profiles of all of the Fortune 100 CEO’s across sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Wikipedia.  As we’ve talked about here on this blog, at its basic level social media is a “conversation” and the benefit for a business is to engage in those relevant conversations that are already occurring online as they pertain to their business.   The goal for engaging in these “social media conversations” is simple – tap into a natural curiosity relevant to your business, grow that into a relationship and then over time convert that relationship into economic benefit.   Funny, if you take the term “social media” out of that last statement, isn’t this what most business leaders do on a daily basis anyway?  So we were excited to see the results of this study and learn how CEO’s are using social media to expand on what they are already doing on a daily basis. 

27 May  2009 ~

Are Resumes Still Relevant Given all the Information and Power of Social Media? This is one of the worst economic environments in the last 30 years with an unemployment rate that is still too high to generate the recovery everyone desires. We have spoken with quite a few CEO’s recently about what they are seeing in terms of how job seekers are altering their approach in this difficult environment and what they see as the impact from social media. At the same time, we also noticed the buzz that Jamie Varon was creating with her public quest to land a job with Twitter and her new web site called . So given these perspectives, are resumes still relevant?

12 April  2009 ~

social-media-marketing.jpg This week, the Masters are taking place and you would need to live in a cave not to hear about it or Tiger Woods …and that got me thinking.  Anyone can play golf, albeit at different levels, but ANY one can play.  It’s the same thing with Social Media, anyone can do it but not everyone can perform at the same level or achieve the same results.  Having spoken to many CEO’s over the last few months, it is very clear that a lot of confusion exists in the business world, regarding what Social Media can achieve and WHO can actually achieve those results. “Awareness of social media” (i.e. we’ve heard the names of the sites or we may tentatively use a particular site) is not the same thing as “a business understanding of social media”. Think of it this way, Social Media metaphorically is like golf, anyone can do it, but if you are teeing off on the 72nd hole of the Masters, do you want your cousin’s college age kid or Tiger Woods playing this most important hole for you?

26 February  2009 ~

The First Social Media President – Barack Obama We learn from the history books that JFK was effectively the first President who understood and effectively used the new medium of TV.  Today, the new media is Social Media and it is about enhanced communication. It is clear that President Obama understood that and is our de-facto first Social Media President.  In this post, we’ll take a high level strategic perspective of how Obama leveraged social media and see if we can use some of the same strategies for our business.

18 January  2009 ~

Help me get Hired The economy is rough and the news from this past week was very discouraging.  Recently my first book on LinkedIn – 42 Rules for 24 Hour Success on LinkedIn  (available on Amazon)  was published and because of that, I have been invited to speak to job seekers about things they can do to help them shorten their career transition.

4 January  2009 ~

Twitter Stats and Valuation Insight It’s simple to use, takes only a few seconds to do and it is totally addicting.  No it is not a drug, it is Twitter.  This micro-blog/social network has been experiencing rapid growth & acceptance.  When the terror attacks happened in Mumbai, news started flowing almost immediately through Twitter.  The power of communication on Twitter is so strong, that Barack Obama used it during his campaign with over 160,000 followers who received his announcements.  Given all this exciting growth, perhaps it’s time to peel back the layers and begin to generate some insight into what this all means.

31 October  2008 ~

Social networking success Earlier this week, a friend was mentioning a discussion he had with a common acquaintance of ours.  This acquaintance, said, “he gave up on LinkedIn & social networking as he simply didn’t see any benefit for himself to continue to pursue it”.   This seems to be a common frustration, yet with LinkedIn now over 30,000,000 registered users and growing at more than 1.2 million users per month and having raised a roughly $100 million in venture funding, clearly they are doing “something right” for social networkers.  Let’s try to examine this dichotomy further.

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