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4 March  2008 ~

What Everybody Ought to Know About Accelerating Growth in a Small Business.

What if someone presented you with the possibility uncovering more than $200,000 in profit in under 2 hours of your time?
I’ve seen many advertisements across the web from “business coaches” and “successful entrepreneurs” that will show you their magic way to grow your business by at least 25% and charge $15,000 or $20,000 for you to learn it across 3 days of your life. Yes their ads are captivating and I’m sure they’ve achieved success.

However, THROW OUT THE HYPE! You don’t need any of that. All you need is a solid tool for assessing growth opportunities and about two hours of your time. Business growth, be it for the Candy Store or the Consultant or the large Corporation is generally going to follow a similar path. The real “secret”, if there really is one, is to understand the components of growth, make time to address them and then put them into practice.

Call it the Ready – Aim – Fire sequence. Three parts… 1) Understand the components for growth, 2) Make time to address them and 3) Execute upon these findings.

rick cooper Listen to what Rick Cooper has to say about the process:

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