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29 June  2008 ~

638594_sitewards_office.jpg Well, the first half of 2008 is just about in the books.  The economic issues that the country is facing in this presidential election year, has created an enormous amount of uncertainty.  Uncertainty tends to create a lot of angst, much of it deserving, but angst none the less, can cloud our ability as business leaders to think clearly and sometimes prevent us from seeing the forest through the trees.  As we embark into the remainder of 2008 and this “period of uncertainty”, perhaps we should stop, take a deep breath and “revisit things” that perhaps we didn’t spend enough time on before.  To contribute to the theme of stopping and revisiting, this post will take a brief look back at 5 key articles from the first half of 2008.

25 February 2008
What Everybody Ought to Know About Accelerating Growth in a Small Business.
This article started with a question – What if someone presented you with the possibility uncovering more than $200,000 in profit in under 2 hours of your time? 

The crux of the article was that Business growth, be it for the Candy Store or the Consultant or the large Corporation is generally going to follow a similar path.  The real “secret”, if there really is one, is to understand the components of growth, make time to address them and then put them into practice.

27 April 2008
Lightning Does Strike! Four Tips to Prepare for the Unforeseen Disaster to Your Business Income.
The motivation and focus for this post came from a serious injury that recently happened to me.  As noted in the article, I hoped that this would be just an exercise that you read about and not something you had to deal with.  Just the same, it was a good time to stop and think about what you might do to help prepare your business for overcoming those unforeseen disasters.

11 May 2008
50 Ways for Businesses to Benefit from Twitter
This post was simply a list of a variety of ways that Businesses could benefit from Twitter.  Interestingly, it ended up as a link on quite a few other blogs.

25 May 2008
Job Search 2.0 – Three Key Steps to Leveraging Social Media to Find a Job
This article took the approach that Social Media was here to stay and if you are out looking for a job, why not leverage the power Social Media offers.  This generated a few interesting email dialogues and more than a couple of phone conversations.  Given the economy, don’t be surprised to see this topic revisited and updated later this year.

15 June 2008
“Linkedin 101” – 101 Tips to Enhance Your Use of LinkedIn – Part 1
This is one that will be built upon at least three more times in the upcoming weeks.  Given the response that has been received so far, it is conceivable that this could actually end up in directions that were never contemplated when this was written.  It all remains to be seen, so make sure you keep checking back.
So… there you go, five key blog posts from the first half of 2008.  What to look for over the next six months?  Well… one thing is for sure, we will look to experiment and innovate with topics, interviews, audios and maybe even videos.  So feel free to leave your perspective from the first six months and what you like to see in the future.

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