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8 June  2008 ~

Social Media Questions I’ve co-hosted a number of phone calls over the last couple of weeks on the topic of business growth and social media.  During these calls we’ve received numerous questions that seem to pop up, again and again. Thus I thought it might be beneficial to share a couple of them.  For the purposes of this post, let’s address these questions with summary level responses and then over the near term, build each of the questions out into its own blog post.
There are hundreds of Social Media type sites, what is a good way to determine which are useful and which might be needless duplication?

My suggestion is to categorize similar sites together.  For instance, put all the video sites in a ‘video” category, which would include sites like YouTube, imeem, AOL Video, etc.  Then spend some time to understand how these sites work – take a look at what other people doing – understand how each site might benefit your brand and then test what works and doesn’t work.

Other categories to create:

  • Mypages – the social networking sites – Linkedin, MySpace, etc
  • Content sharing – Hubpages, Squidoo,etv
  • Social bookmarking – Digg, StumbeUpon, etc
  • Blogging & Microblogging

We probably could have about a dozen different categories, but this should provide a good baseline to start with.

My main concern for internet marketing is how to generate traffic for my webpage. Can you help?

Yes – that seems to be everybody’s main concern!  Whereas we do not profess to have the magic elixir, we believe that by following the few steps, you will greatly increase your ability to connect with exactly the types of people you are looking to attract.

1st – Understand your audience: Who are they? What makes them “tick”? What sites do they participate on? Are they passive or active participants? Etc.

2nd – Focus on the sites you’ve identified: Understand the sites.  Learn how to properly participate.

3rd – Get involved: Given what you’ve identified, now it is time for action – you make the call, perhaps it’s blogging, participating in hubpages, Squidoo, social bookmarking, blog tour, virtual book tours, podcasts, videos, etc. You are creating entry points on the web for people to find you and connect with you.

4th  -Make sure you budget some time: Enact your strategy – perhaps it’s 15 minutes per day or 5 minutes per day on Twitter and an hour a week on Facebook, etc.  Maybe it’s going to Starbucks Monday morning for 2 hours to write your blog posts.

5th –Keep Score – This provides support for your strategy and commitment for time.  Let’s say you commit 60 minutes per week to executing your strategy but you don’t receive the traffic you are looking for.  Thus your “scorecard” is indicating a change – either lower your expectations for traffic or add additional time (yours or pay someone else) or adjust the tactics you are using.

By “keeping score”, you will significantly enhance your chances to achieve the goals you are setting for yourself. 

Let’s close with two questions you can address or that we’ll address next time around…

#1 – I would be interested in learning how much time and effort are required for Social Media Marketing vs. the probable return I would receive.

(also reference our post

#2 – I have a small list of personal acquaintances that I send notices when I publish each week. How can I enlarge that list?

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