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11 May  2008 ~

twitter-tips.jpgThere’s so many more ways a business may want to use a tool like Twitter. It can be an incredibly powerful marketing & community building tool that has the ability to go viral!  Thus the goal of this exercise was to identify 50 ways that businesses can benefit from Twitter.  Not all of these ways are going to apply to all businesses, but in aggregate, each business should be able to find numerous ideas from this list to help them benefit.  One quick caveat, if you’re in the type of business where you can’t afford to get a bit personal, you probably shouldn’t use Twitter.

Always remember to build relationships and value for others first before selling what you have.

Good luck and enjoy!  Feel free to comment back to us with your tips too!

1. Find breaking news – CNN Twitters
2. Find industry news or follow “thought leaders” – focus on your particular industry or for some general “gurus” you can follow Seth Godin or Robert Scoble – check out Twitterholic for a list of the: Top 100 users and their friends
3. Your business can enhance their brand and break news – from a conference, teleseminar, etc… places that don’t normally present daily news // it’s a chance to report live from an event, or quickly share hot finds from the web
4. Increase your credibility – use it like reality tv – have people follow your significant business moves
5. Increase your web traffic – use Twitter to drive traffic to your blogs
6. Strengthen business relationships – use Twitter to deepen relationships with customers, prospects, business partners & employees
7. Create new business relationships
8. Find joint venture/affiliate partners
9. Manage joint venture/affiliate relationships
10. Present special offers to your customers – for example, I’ve heard of a restaurant that Twitters it’s special of the day
11. Conduct market research – learn about specific niches
12. Idea Generator – use Twitter to get ideas for articles and posts to your own blog
13. Client Watchdog – monitor discussions & specific keywords relevant to your clients 
14. Build goodwill and a loyal following – contribute interesting & relevant content
15. Enhance your brand – it’s about giving more than you are getting
16. Monitor comments on your own brand
17. Ask questions – tap into the collective knowledge that exists
18. Answer questions – show your expertise
19. Keep in touch with people offsite –  Where people are outsourced and you want them all to be in contact with each other, Twitter is the tool
20. Manage elements of projects – Twitter can link your entire team
21. Twitter functioning as the Proverbial Water Cooler – for home based businesses, gives you a way to easily communicate with others
22. Brainstorming tool – tweet your thought to your team and work on brainstorming ideas, obstacles and solutions 
23. Twitter as an Awareness Tool – trying to contact someone but getting no response, if they are twittering, you can see if they are sick, out of the country or???
24. Eliminate cold calls – trying to connect with someone, check them out on Twitter and “listen to the way they communicate” and approach in that manner
25. Competitive intelligence – follow your competition, learn what they and/or others in your market are focused on
26. Recruiting tool – need to find a resource, you could do it on Twitter
27. Twitter as a Crisis Alert System – the ability to quickly communicate in a crisis to a variety of customers, key partners and employees is a tremendous asset
28. Twitter to get Quick Feedback – Need some quick info, try a Tweet
29. “Twitpitch” – use Twitter to pitch an idea to someone – a new variation on the 30 second elevator pitch
30. Contact reminder tool – reconfirming lunch, a meeting or a round of golf, as simple as a tweet
31. Sales management tool – all kinds of benefits here, just apply it to your situation
32. Use to get real-time updates from all of your business contacts at a big show like CES
33. Outsourced conference participant – can’t attend a trade show?  Plug into updates from those that are there
34. In-Conference management – need to deploy multiple people to a break-out session that got more attendees than expected? Coordinate via Twitter
35. Finding key topics to follow – use search engine to search Twitter conversations by keywords, posters, date, links, and more
36. Fresh Content – increase blog updates by adding a link to your blog, keeps the content  flowing on your site
37. Action list  – use Twitter to record tasks
38. Education – use as a tool to get educated on a niche or topic
39. Stay in touch  – keep up with friends no matter where you are or what you’re doing.
40. Become more mobile – this is a communication tool that goes to “the masses”
41. Platform to inspire – daily tweets of inspiration
42. List Building – grow your following by a modest amount each day which will eventually grow your lists
43. Use it to manage contests
44. Save money & find good deals – uses it to promote their deal of the day
45. Learning – listen and learn from other’s public conversations
46. Quicker “hellos” – stay in front of your contacts – let them know you are alive
47. Use the graphics (although limited ) to promote your brand
48. Web 2.0 time saver – keep Facebook status automatically updated with twitter – visibility in 2 places at once
49. For Coaches – accountability tool for clients
50. Use it to make friends
51. Bonus – Feel free to follow us with this link on twitter – we’ll be adding more tips there  
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  1. Chris – great recap of the benefits of Twitter. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

    Comment by Toby May 11, 2008 @ 9:59 pm
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  8. I am using Twitter past 2 months to optimize my software company website.
    Although i am happy with the output,but want to be serious with twitter to get best from it…As i am newbie,can you please guide me with your ideas and experience,although i lied your ideas and give it a try…Waiting for your response!!

    Comment by mlm software noida March 22, 2012 @ 5:55 am

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