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29 February  2012 ~

Mobile App Marketing


Whether you’re planning for your first mobile app or have several apps under your belt, there are certain questions that you should contemplate in order to increase your app’s opportunity for success.

Let’s jump in and take a look at them…

  1. Who is your target audience for this app?
  2. What is the value they will derive from this App
  3. How do they currently get this content?
  4. What features are they interested in
  5. Are there any other competitors offering similar apps
  6. How does your App stack up against your competition
  7. What features are missing in your competitors apps?
  8. Does your target audience use mobile phones or tablets?
  9. Where is this app most effective – smartphone or tablet or does it not matter?
  10. Which platform do you want to initially use – Apple or Droid or does it not matter?
  11. What is the purpose of the App?  Are you looking to use it to create branding and awareness to your business or are you looking for a direct response
  12. Have you created a financial budget?
  13. For you to hit your goal / create a “win” with your App, how many downloads do you need at a minimum?  You can look at it another way too.  Does your App need massive penetration to be effective for your business?
  14. What is the goal of your marketing campaign – impressions, clicks, or app downloads, new clients or new users
  15. What is the price point for your App?
  16. Have you calculated the ROI of your App
  17. How long will your campaign last and what is the plan to sustain the momentum once your campaign is complete
  18. Do you have a website to use in Marketing your App?
  19. What are the Top 5 Blogs in the same business vertical as your App?  Are you connected with any of them?


Next question is to you… which questions would you add to this list?



About the CFO Strategist and his Team

In the mid 2000’s, new media meant “something cool for teens and twenty-somethings.” Friendster and MySpace were social media “giants,” but we identified a much larger opportunity beyond those networks. Four years ago, we took an in-depth look at the future of business and saw the impact of social media. We wrote about it in our 2008 book which became an immediate Amazon Best Seller. In fact, our book, 42 Rules for 24 Hour Success on LinkedIn also became one of the Top 100 Social Media books of All Time. 

Today, as we look ahead or look to “what’s next”, we see the significant impacts on business ranging from mobile strategy to maximizing online relevance. This time we are not writing about it. This time we are directly working with businesses to leverage it for business growth.

If you are interested in talking to our team about how we can expertly position you TODAY, to grow with TOMORROW’S technology, please contact us. We look forward to discussing our vision with you and how you can start generating tomorrow’s revenue today!

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