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16 January  2012 ~


Imagine if there was a way to be in front of a potential client at the moment when they really should be speaking with you and then being able to filter all of the possible requests so that clients who meet the right criteria deliver their detailed information right to you.  Wow, that sounds really innovative!  Essentially that is the promise that mobile apps are offering to business today.  There is a tremendous amount of awareness about mobile apps, but very little insight as to how they can work or benefit business growth.  In this post, we begin to get acclimated to the mobile app world from a business perspective

How much does it cost to develop an app? 

If there were only one type of app, that would be pretty easy to answer.  We feel the author of this article addresses this quite nicely


Can you offer some ideas of how businesses are leveraging mobile apps?

Mobile apps can function in a number of scenarios.  Inc Magazine provides quick insight into six different ways companies are using mobile apps


What is the projection for mobile marketing budgets?

This article from Mobile Marketer highlights  increase in both mobile budgets and user expectations.


What are some concerns that should be considered with mobile apps?

Everyone buys into the rosy picture of making a ton of money through apps.  However, one shouldn’t simply jump in without thinking.  The following article offers a contrary viewpoint to the benefits of mobile apps.



About the CFO Strategist and his Team

In the mid 2000’s, new media meant “something cool for teens and twenty-somethings.” Friendster and MySpace were social media “giants,” but we identified a much larger opportunity beyond those networks. Four years ago, we took an in-depth look at the future of business and saw the impact of social media. We wrote about it in our 2008 book which became an immediate Amazon Best Seller. In fact, our book, 42 Rules for 24 Hour Success on LinkedIn also became one of the Top 100 Social Media books of All Time. 

Today, as we look ahead or look to “what’s next”, we see the significant impacts on business ranging from mobile strategy to maximizing online relevance. This time we are not writing about it. This time we are directly working with businesses to leverage it for business growth.

If you are interested in talking to our team about how we can expertly position you TODAY, to grow with TOMORROW’S technology, please contact us. We look forward to discussing our vision with you and how you can start generating tomorrow’s revenue today!

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