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27 November  2011 ~


This is the biggest online weekend of the year for retailers – Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.  If you have a business, you need to maximize your online relevance and be ready to meet the hoards of customers that are looking to make purchases from your business.   Is your business currently doing this?  Do you know what to do to have customers find you online?  If not, you may want to leverage the following simple path to keep your competitive edge

Awareness    Engagement — Revenue

To be frank, while subtle, none of this is rocket science.  Let’s look at it from a simple business perspective – people tend to do business with those they know and trust.  So what is required for this – time and sustained interaction.   …and what is required for achieving these two? Well, three things – first is awareness.  Your target audience needs to be aware of your business and be able to find you.  If they can’t find you, they can’t do business with you.

Second is engagement.  Once your target audience is aware of your business, they need to “connect” with your business.  Think of it like this, many times we become aware of a brand through a commercial or from another person mentioning it, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve created an “attachment” to it.  This is why it is critical to convert awareness into engagement, so that attraction is formed and then the third part of this process, a relationship, can be created. 

This is clearly not something that happens overnight but new media is helping us build this in powerful ways that never before existed. 

Today’s new marketing, advertising and communication process is driven by a compliment of resources across all tools, offline and online, that create an integrated awareness to a business’ target market. 

This is a little more complex than just knowing how to use Facebook or Twitter.  It requires an understanding of;  

  1. your target audience
  2. the tactical components of various online tools,
  3. online business marketing and communication – website, SEO, social media, etc
  4. offline business marketing and communication – “in-store”, traditional media, etc
  5. integration with existing business operations
  6. and most importantly, an effective business strategy that effectively integrates all of these components in a manner that is both sustainable yet flexible enough to enable further expansion.

 It is been said that “value” drives all business decisions.  Do you know what your target market “values”?  Think about this like a child does.  Connect with your customer the way a grandparent connects with a grandchild – give them what they want and they’ll keep coming back for more!   


About the CFO Strategist and his Team

In the mid 2000’s, new media meant “something cool for teens and twenty-somethings.” Friendster and MySpace were social media “giants,” but we identified a much larger opportunity beyond those networks. Four years ago, we took an in-depth look at the future of business and saw the impact of social media. We wrote about it in our 2008 book which became an immediate Amazon Best Seller. In fact, our book, 42 Rules for 24 Hour Success on LinkedIn also became one of the Top 100 Social Media books of All Time

If you are interested in talking to our team about how we can expertly position you TODAY, to grow with TOMORROW’S technology, please contact us. We look forward to discussing our vision with you and how you can start generating tomorrow’s revenue today!

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