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26 February  2010 ~

Social media sometimes requires that we communicate in short bursts. We literally have 3 seconds to “hook” someone’s interest, which is roughly a quick glance. Don’t believe me? Next time you are doing a search on Google, see how much time you spend looking through each of the results that show up. My bet is that you quickly glance at them until you find one that “hooks” you and you click on it. This is pretty similar to the way social media works too and we need to get used to communicating this way.

  • In Twitter, we only have 160 characters to communicate our bio and 140 characters to communicate to our followers.
  • LinkedIn – roughly 10-12 words to create a Professional Headline
  • YouTube – a video that is under 3 minutes and preferably under 1 minute

I watched the video below and found it both funny and very insightful and well worth sharing. Make note about 12 minutes in, when Rory talks about Shreddies and how it was literally “rebranded” at a glance.

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