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31 December  2009 ~

final-2009-blog-post.jpg LinkedIn should be thrilled with their success in 2009, having grown well over 100% to end the year with over 53 million registered users.  Rapid growth usually leads to significant changes and LinkedIn certainly provided them in 2009. While we were pleased with the majority of them, there were others that we feel perhaps missed the mark. Let’s take a look…

1. The Addition of LinkedIn Applications – Great change (and one that should continue to get better)!  Keep in mind that social media is a conversation that grows into a relationship.  Amongst other benefits, these apps offered additional ways for users to permission base communicate through; an automated tie in to their blog posts, online presentations or through their tweets.  They are versatile too.  Each of the apps have the ability to be used in a variety of ways to create a more effective brand, allow you to maintain a non-interruptive “top of mind” awareness with your connections as well as offering time saving social media tools.      Grade: A

2. “Twitter-In” – Solid Change – This was a no-brainer as everyone and their brother offer Twitter tools.  With the explosion of Twitter in 2009, it made sense for LinkedIn with its massive user base to create a useful tool too.  The one significant caveat here relates to the user expectation for frequency of LinkedIn updates vs Twitter Updates. While it makes sense to cross post your LinkedIn update to Twitter, be careful about doing it the other way.  The expectation for user updates on LinkedIn is currently 1 update every 2 or 3 days, while on Twitter, literally anything goes.    Grade: B+

3. Text Amount Reduced on Invitations – Mixed Feelings – I can see why it was done – keep invitations concise and on point.  However to me, the invitation is a fantastic communication element that bridges a potential relationship obstacle – your intro or re-introduction.  I would have liked to have it offer just a little more space in terms of characters.         Grade: B-

4. LinkedIn Developer Platform – Potential is extremely exciting!  This was announced in November so we have to wait to see what comes of it, but the potential is huge. Grade is based on Potential.       Grade: A+

5. LinkedIn iPhone App – New major enhancements announced 12/29 – Boy has this evolved in 2009.  From the initial app to the latest one (which I have not fully tested yet). We are now being offered “digital relationship building on the go”.  This has the potential to significantly change our in person networking – i.e. no more business cards, simply connect on LinkedIn via Bluetooth from user to user.  More to come on this!            Grade: A

6. Revised the User Homepage – Significant change – the LinkedIn user home page went through multiple changes during 2009, all of which offer benefits.  In our opinion, the big one was adding thumbnail photos next to each user’s update that was noted on the page.  Why? People like to relate a face with a name, which we believe increases the relationship building capability on LinkedIn.    Grade: B+

7. Revisions to the LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar – Not completely happy with this one – As many of you know, overall we think this is a fantastic tool!  It transforms an email address into a rapid and robust overview of a person, courtesy of their LinkedIn profile.  Here’s the rub… LinkedIn made one significant change to it during the year.  Initially, when you highlighted a name in your Outlook email, it displayed a brief LinkedIn description that pulled from that person’s LinkedIn Summary.  In the new version, that shifted to pulling in that person’s most recent Experience (i.e. job). Unfortunately with over 10% unemployment, in effect it creates a user description based on a job that many are no longer at and which hinders their ability to most effectively brand themselves.             Grade: C

As we close 2009, it is interesting to look at how far social media has come.  A year ago, not many business leaders took it seriously, yet now these same leaders are scrambling to keep up with its ever changing face.  What should we expect in 2010? We have a BUNCH of ideas… stay tuned and feel free to share your thoughts below.

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