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4 December  2007 ~

Chasing NumbersWithout knowing the complexities, subtleties and nuances, I would expect different solutions to fit the question. Ultimately this hinges on what mgmt wants to achieve across a specific time frame given their on-going operation.

I’ve grown up with Hyperion Enterprise and when optimized, it more than accomplishes its mission to provide BI to the organization.  Thus I’m a huge believer on generating time and cost savings and eliminating or at least greatly reducing rework. I lived through the nightmare of this and ended up leading a global team to fix it. We took a 43 day decentralized closing process (couldn’t close monthly) and got in down to 5 while increasing our reporting capability. This was for a billion dollar co spread across 28 countries with about 9 million data components on an annual basis.

This might be a small process for some and large for others, but the bottom line is it achieved what mgmt was looking for – quicker and more effective visibility into their global businesses.

One suggestion would be to look at the issue in 3 parts – first, develop a set of global data standards. How deep the standards are will be a reflection of the needs of the company and desires of senior mgmt. Part two is the education. Your entire “world” needs to understand and use the standards consistently, otherwise, they become worthless. Part three is the data flow. In the very beginning of the project, it would be acceptable to process data at HQ but to realize all the time & cost saving, it has to be accepted and used at the local levels.  

For a decentralized company, transactional data would stay mainly local while non-transactional data (i.e – end of month balances) would need to be aggregated for both a mgmt & fin rptg perspective. If everyone does not use a set of global data standards, I would suggest making sure the conversion process is auditable and as air tight as possible.

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