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11 April  2010 ~

We live in an era of rapid business change.  Over the last ten years there have been significant impacts like: the web, Y2K, 9/11, Sarbanes Oxley and now social media.  One thing is for sure, best of class companies continue to evolve with the times to maintain their competitive advantages.  Today, everyone is talking about social media but can it really impact business operations and process excellence?

28 March  2010 ~

By now, we have all heard about the raging debate on healthcare reform.  However as business leaders do we know what it means to our businesses?  In this post, we will look at 5 questions we may have to address in the near future.

21 March  2010 ~

CFO Strategist - Going Viral

We’ve all seen viral videos, as a matter of fact so have thousands of other people too.  Having thousands or even millions of people watching, sharing and talking about a particular video is actually relatively unique, even if the phrase “viral video” is quite common.  What is it that enables something to get “viral”?  In this post we take a look at three different types of videos that have gone viral and identify some of their key characteristics.

14 March  2010 ~

How do you maintain your business knowledge and ultimately business relevancy in an environment that is changing rapidly?  Easy – find and use resources that literally provide us “knowledge at a glance”.  Yes – they do exist and below we take look at three of these.

28 June  2009 ~

How are CEO’s using Social Media A recent study by, took a look at the social media profiles of all of the Fortune 100 CEO’s across sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Wikipedia.  As we’ve talked about here on this blog, at its basic level social media is a “conversation” and the benefit for a business is to engage in those relevant conversations that are already occurring online as they pertain to their business.   The goal for engaging in these “social media conversations” is simple – tap into a natural curiosity relevant to your business, grow that into a relationship and then over time convert that relationship into economic benefit.   Funny, if you take the term “social media” out of that last statement, isn’t this what most business leaders do on a daily basis anyway?  So we were excited to see the results of this study and learn how CEO’s are using social media to expand on what they are already doing on a daily basis. 

21 December  2008 ~

25 Thought Provoking Business Questions for 2009 As we exit 2008, it will certainly go down in history as one of the most historical yet challenging years in recent memory.  However, even as we put the year’s challenges behind us, business-wise, there are still many uncertainties that abound, which will certainly impact us in 2009 and beyond.  Let’s take a look at some of them.

23 November  2008 ~

Outliers - A Story of Success Have you ever wondered about success, either for yourself or what has helped someone else?  Have you ever tried to uncover whatever “it” is that catapults some individuals to success and leaves most others stuck on the launch pad. Since this blog focuses on a variety of perspectives that can enhance the success of senior business leader, we are going to focus on a book about success and an interesting perspective it offers.  Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Blink and Tipping Point, is out with his latest work titled “Outliers: The Story of Success”.  In the marketing of this book he caught my attention.  He noted that success isn’t directly attributable to intelligence and ambition, but to things that surround us like customs, family, quirks of timing or perhaps the year we were born.  So does this book have the “huh factor” and does Mr. Gladwell deliver?

16 November  2008 ~

Endeavor Night Launch This post is going to deviate from the norm and not focus on business.  Instead, I will share my experience of watching (from a distance) the shuttle Endeavor launch on Friday evening.  If the opportunity ever comes up for you to see one of the remaining shuttle launches, and the weather cooperates, you will be in for an awe inspiring event.  As many of you know, NASA has shied away from night launches since the Columbia accident.  Thus Friday night’s launch was a very rare occasion. 

27 July  2008 ~

1newspapers.jpg From time to time, we are going to take an in depth look at specific business verticals and discuss how key elements might impact their future.

20 July  2008 ~

mastermind.jpg On a day to day basis, we are so busy running our businesses that we often get a little too close to our business.  We end up seeing the eyelash on a gnat but we don’t see the bird about to gobble up the gnat.  Rough metaphor, but it highlights a challenge many of us face as business leaders and that is, we are so stuck in the details that we can’t see the bigger picture.  What if you had a group of success-oriented professionals that can function as your “reality-check” and help you see things you might overlook or come up with ideas that you may not think of?

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