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31 August  2008 ~

Linkedin’s Future??? This is probably the $1 billion question that Linkedin is answering internally and boy do we wish we had a crystal ball to forecast this.  Let’s start our analysis for this by looking at a possible strategic direction the company may entertain and progress with our analysis down to the user level.

3 August  2008 ~

Five Steps to Using Social Media to Enhance Your Growth Potential Over the last couple of weeks, I have met with people that are working on some very interesting things.  One of the most interesting meetings I participated in, consisted of a “deal broker” that has sold tens of millions over the last two decades and “a business relationship broker” that has built a very powerful networking group.  The people I met with were highly energetic, initiative driven individuals who are building out their revenue plan including beginning to leverage social media.  A big topic for discussion in that meeting as well as almost all the others I’ve been part of recently was, “what can I do via the web to enhance growth potential”?

27 July  2008 ~

1newspapers.jpg From time to time, we are going to take an in depth look at specific business verticals and discuss how key elements might impact their future.

13 July  2008 ~

cfo-post-linkedin.jpg Why are you on Linkedin?  On the surface, this seems to be a simple question, only 5 words and none were larger than 10 letters long.  But it seems that whenever I ask that question, I’m asking something on par with the existential question of what is the meaning of life because the response I get 9 times out of 10 is a contemplative silence.  So I try to break the uneasy silence by asking another question, “what was your encouragement to register on Linkedin”, and with that usually a big smile appears and they say, “oh, I received an invitation to sign up”.   To which I reply, “that’s great, what are your goals for being registered on Linkedin”?  This time the responses range from that contemplative silence to the ambitious, “gain more clients”. 

15 June  2008 ~

linkedin tips Linkedin is a business tool just like your cell phone or your PDA.  It is not a magic elixir. It can function exceptionally well in a variety of ways but it can’t be everything to everyone.  Even with over 25 million users, people are still trying to figure out the most effective ways to use it.  One thing is for sure, it functions best as a “precision-type” tool, (i.e. reach a specific person, learn a specific bit of info).  If you are looking for something to “carpet bomb” and work as a mass market broadcast, there are more effective tools than Linkedin.  So… let’s jump in and take a look at 101 tips to help make your Linkedin experience as effective as possible.

8 June  2008 ~

Social Media Questions I’ve co-hosted a number of phone calls over the last couple of weeks on the topic of business growth and social media.  During these calls we’ve received numerous questions that seem to pop up, again and again. Thus I thought it might be beneficial to share a couple of them.  For the purposes of this post, let’s address these questions with summary level responses and then over the near term, build each of the questions out into its own blog post.
There are hundreds of Social Media type sites, what is a good way to determine which are useful and which might be needless duplication?

1 June  2008 ~

Social media ROI Do you understand the benefit you should be getting from Social Media?  ROI, (Return on Investment) is a common measurement that evaluates the amount of “benefit” derived from an investment.  For instance, assume your social media marketing consists of spending 5 hours/week creating new contacts via Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. Now, let’s assume your time is worth $200/hour. Across a year, your investment is roughly $50,000!  So… is it worth your time?

25 May  2008 ~

Job Search 2.0 Given the uncertain economic times (rising oil prices, presidential election, credit crunch and housing crisis), do you know for sure if your job is going to be there in 6 or 12 months?  Since social media is about new ways of communication, and communication is the foundation for relationship building, do you where to begin to properly launch a relationship building campaign that could lead to your next position?
In this post, we will take a look at two things – the most effective social media tools that can support your job search and the tactics you would want to follow.

18 May  2008 ~

social-media-overwhelm1.jpg By now, based on the hype, we are all somewhat aware of the potential that web 2.0/social media can offer our businesses.  However, after speaking to various groups over the last couple of weeks, two things are becoming very apparent; many people are struggling to understand where to begin and just as many are simply trying to find out which sites to participate in. In this post, I will offer you guidance to help minimize your overwhelm and guide you through the Social Media puzzle.

11 May  2008 ~

twitter-tips.jpgThere’s so many more ways a business may want to use a tool like Twitter. It can be an incredibly powerful marketing & community building tool that has the ability to go viral!  Thus the goal of this exercise was to identify 50 ways that businesses can benefit from Twitter.  Not all of these ways are going to apply to all businesses, but in aggregate, each business should be able to find numerous ideas from this list to help them benefit.  One quick caveat, if you’re in the type of business where you can’t afford to get a bit personal, you probably shouldn’t use Twitter.

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