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10 September  2011 ~

Once again, I had the pleasure and privilege to address the University of Florida Graduate Business program on the topic of social media.

This year the flow was based on questions provided by the graduate students before the presentation.  Questions included:

28 November  2010 ~

Our latest post is a very timely and valuable guest post from Maria Duprey at .


1. Have you ever reached out to your 50 warmest buddies to update them on what you are currently doing?

6 September  2010 ~

On September 3, 2010, the University of Florida MBA Program held their Professional Development Day for which I had the privilege to Keynote.

The title of the presentation was Managing Career Development through LinkedIn and Social Media.  Below is the presentation along with a video snippet of the presentation.

26 February  2010 ~

Social media sometimes requires that we communicate in short bursts. We literally have 3 seconds to “hook” someone’s interest, which is roughly a quick glance. Don’t believe me? Next time you are doing a search on Google, see how much time you spend looking through each of the results that show up. My bet is that you quickly glance at them until you find one that “hooks” you and you click on it. This is pretty similar to the way social media works too and we need to get used to communicating this way.

31 December  2009 ~

final-2009-blog-post.jpg LinkedIn should be thrilled with their success in 2009, having grown well over 100% to end the year with over 53 million registered users.  Rapid growth usually leads to significant changes and LinkedIn certainly provided them in 2009. While we were pleased with the majority of them, there were others that we feel perhaps missed the mark. Let’s take a look…

31 July  2009 ~

Tips for Executives in Career Transition Guest Post by David M. Schwartz 
If you are an executive hoping to reinvent yourself or to change careers, you’re in for major challenges, not only due to unsettling economic times, but because of the difficult process. It’s important to get it right the very first time. When looking to change your career (or your situation) you should be proactive, follow your instincts, believe in yourself, stay the course and consider using the services of an executive career coach to help you make the right transition.

27 May  2009 ~

Are Resumes Still Relevant Given all the Information and Power of Social Media? This is one of the worst economic environments in the last 30 years with an unemployment rate that is still too high to generate the recovery everyone desires. We have spoken with quite a few CEO’s recently about what they are seeing in terms of how job seekers are altering their approach in this difficult environment and what they see as the impact from social media. At the same time, we also noticed the buzz that Jamie Varon was creating with her public quest to land a job with Twitter and her new web site called . So given these perspectives, are resumes still relevant?

17 March  2009 ~

job-search-negotiations.jpg Guest Post by David M. Schwartz.  Today, we are all dealing with the financial meltdown and economic woes. Clearly, it was much more comfortable negotiating when the economy was in much better shape.  The painful truth is that when faced with adversity—such as a recession or a dip in the job market—the natural tendency is to retreat to a defensive position, rather than mount an all-out attack. Candidates should never settle for less than they are worth. If they don’t ask – they don’t get.  There are jobs and new opportunities out there for those who stay focused, keep a positive mental attitude and remain proactive. Candidates just need to learn how to “play the game”.

18 January  2009 ~

Help me get Hired The economy is rough and the news from this past week was very discouraging.  Recently my first book on LinkedIn – 42 Rules for 24 Hour Success on LinkedIn  (available on Amazon)  was published and because of that, I have been invited to speak to job seekers about things they can do to help them shorten their career transition.

28 September  2008 ~

Freelance Food Prices are rising, gas & oil are still very high and home prices continue to decline.  Now given the economic crisis on Wall Street, what if you lose your job?  As senior business leaders, you know that the higher up you go, the fewer jobs that exist.  Hence, if you lose your job, where will you turn to continue to generate a cash flow amidst this economic turbulence?  Given a lack of employment opportunities, many people choose the freelance route. In this post, we will help identify things you need to be aware of if you choose this path.

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